Dell Security SonicWALL Home Office Firewall

Dell Security SonicWALL  Home Office Firewall
Posted: 10 months, 4 weeks ago ( 2 comments )
  • Provides an extensible design that enables Service prioritization for data
  • Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
  • The country of Origin is Taiwan
  • Firewall inspection throughput: 300 Mbps
  • Full DPI throughput: 50 Mbps

Russ jenkins 10 months, 4 weeks ago

My day job is to install and configure networks for SMEs, and this is the firewall that I use for my home office, this is a very effective firewall. The Dell sonicwall is flexible and fully featured, it's a firewall that while you can just plug it in and it will work, it is worth spending a bit of time learning how firewalls work so that you can use this device to it's full potential. There is a simple basic mode that can get the device operational but it is not recommended for anything other than a very simple network environment - i.e. if you don't know what LAN and WAN mean then this is not the device for you need unless you are willing to spend time researching or money on having someone remotely setup.

I Have used Sonicwall for many years now and have found them to be an effective firewall if setup properly.

Also note that there is a $100-$200 subcription per year to keep the virus software updated - the first year is free.

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Randy Palmer 10 months, 4 weeks ago

The Dell sonicwall is an xcellent firewall. Very easy to set up and manage compared to other professional level firewalls.

I purchased this for my home network because of the extra security of the gateway A/V protection, Gateway Malware protection, and highly customizable and excellent content filtering. Gateway malware protection means that every device connected to my network is secure, even if the device itself has no anti-malware protection.

If you want to have a robust device for filtering at your internet gateway and want to protect your family from viruses and malware on the internet, then the Dell Sonicwall is probably one of the more effective ways to go. It will take some tweaking to get it running efficiently, but it also allows to to specify filtering by device, IP range, or "zones" that you can set up through the internal settings.

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